BRAVO article on ABBA with translation

Recently, my Facebook friend, the ABBA biographer Carl Magnus Palm asked on his Facebook page whether somebody could translate a German article from the BRAVO magazine for him. As a German native speaker I offered to help out and tried my best to create a decent translation. The original article plus my translation can be found here - enjoy!

There are headphones on Agnetha's blonde curls. In both faces the stress of the last seconds is visible. Both girls don't avert their eyes from the sheet of music that's right in front of them on a wooden conductor's stand. Björn, who is a bit in the background, also fully concentrates on his guitar while Benny stands at the piano and taps his foot to the music.

All of a sudden he cancels the recording. "Stop, that's not how it works", he shouts short-temperedly and reaches for the half-full packet of cigarettes on his piano. Hastily he takes a sip of black coffee from his cup. "Frida, your voice is coming on way too loud", he barks at his ex-wife. "Try again." Agnetha and Anna-Frid [sic!] accept that Benny cues them for the fifth time unquestioningly...

Since weeks this gloom is hanging like a dark cloud above the ABBA-owned "Polar"-Studio in which the four Swedes are working on their next LP. Said LP will decide about the future of the successful, but recently shattered through private crisis, quartet. If the new record turns out to be a flop the future for further shared projects will not look bright.

From the outside the three-storied, grey building in the city of Stockholm looks unimpressive. However, on the inside there's one of the most modern recording studios with the best equipment. On the first floor there's a shiny chrome, fully automated kitchen and the "Polar"-offices. In a cosy common room with wood pannelled walls ABBA take a rest from their recording sessions.

But even there uptightness and stress hover over Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Frida. While having much strong coffee and many cigarettes they won't engage in many conversations that are about anything else than the new record.

The release date, which has now been fixed to be beginning of December, is a burning issue to the four Swedes. With the success of "Super Trouper" on their back it will be hard to live up to previous achievements. Additionally, the recording sessions are ill-omened. 

The first recornding attempt for this LP was done by ABBA in early summer already. The songs "When all is said and done", "Slipping through my fingers" and "Two for the price of one" were already recorded in June. However, the songwrites Benny and Björn got into a fight over which song should be released as a single. The 45 record, which was announced for July, eventually was omitted. Abba went onto holidays in an uneasy mood.

Besides that, the wounds that were caused by the divorces would still not heal completely, especially Agnetha's and Frida's. Although both ABBA-men always assured "We are one big family. Agnetha and Anna-Frid [sic!] get on well with our new partners", Agnetha says "I cried when Björn got married to Lena Kallersjö. It hurt that he comforted himself that fast with a new woman."

And Anna-Frid [sic!] is also out of sorts with Mona Nörklit, Benny's new girlfriend, despite him asserting the opposite. She confesses: "When I see her, I even today sometimes have to fight the memory of that one night when Benny got home and told me out of the blue that he would leave me - because of the other woman." 

Slowly these wounds seem to heal, but all four agree on one thing: "The end of ABBA is insight. We don't want to tour anymore. But there will be at least two more LPs of ABBA."

Whether this will really happen depends only on the success or failure of the new album...